Bring Your Ideas From Concept to Reality

JMR Systems helps you bring your ideas to life with a full line of Geomagic and ANSYS SpaceClaim Scanning and 3D Modeling software and full prototyping services.

3D Engineering Software Takes You

From Concept to Market

3D Modeling software opens up a world of possibilities! Create your own models, scan in data from existing objects, and inspect the accuracy of your work with a single suite of software.

  • Reverse engineer any part
  • Read in scanned data
  • Create and edit 3D models
  • Inspect the accuracy of scanned data and physical parts
Geomagic and SpaceClaim for 3D Modeling
Recreate Any Part With

Complete Reverse Engineering Services

No part is too big or too small for us to scan and recreate digitally. Whether you want an accurate 3D model or a completed part--we've got the expertise to deliver.

Make parts faster with

GibbsCAM CNC Programming Software

We've partnered with CAMCO to bring you a CAM system that puts powerful tools in your hands, without a big learning curve.

JMR Systems Prototyping Services

Our Company

JMR Systems is an authorized reseller of the full suite of Geomagic and SpaceClaim 3D Engineering software for the Northeast US. With over 55 years of experience in the engineering and manufacturing industry, we have the skills to help you create and manufacture any part you can dream of.

What We Do

JMR Systems is a full-service CAD provider. We offer a full line of 3D Modeling software for engineering as well as complete scanning and prototyping services for the Northeast US.

3D Modeling Software

Geomagic and SpaceClaim provide all the tools you need to easily create 3D models, as well as scan, reverse engineer, and inspect physical parts.

Reverse Engineering Services

We scan and create 3D models for parts of any size--from a tiny medical device to an airplane wing! JMR will deliver a digital file or a finished part. 3D printing is available in a variety of materials, as well as traditionally machined metal parts.

Prototyping Services

We bring your patent design to life! Bring us a sketch, blueprint, or 3D model, and we'll make you a prototype. Finished parts can be 3D printed from your choice of materials or traditionally machined metal parts.


Here's What Customers Say

Calibry scanner
A proper set-up of Calibry 3D. The scanning of objects of this size usually takes about 2-3 minutes. Photo credit: Phoenix Gmbh&Co

Case Study: Calibry 3D Scanner Reduces Orthopedists' Workflow by 40%

A German clinic asked for a solution to automate orthosis production to minimize the doctor’s workload. Using the Calibry 3D Scanner, Geomagic Wrap, and 3D printing, the automation of the manufacturing process reduced the orthopedists’ workload by 40%, and the treatment became more comfortable for patients.

ANSYS SpaceClaim Customer: Perplexus

Perplexus, a toy design company, uses ANSYS SpaceClaim to create complex and unique designs that were previously handmade. With no CAD experience, they found SpaceClaim intuitive to learn and easy to manipulate the design for problem-solving. Most importantly, they can deliver a manufacturable design file for toy production.

I’ve saved an enormous amount of time by working with SpaceClaim…it allows me to design more complex and better work.

Michael McGinnis
Creator of Perplexus

If you have an idea in your head, no matter what it’s used for, then Freeform is the ultimate. You can focus your ideas onto the screen in a realistic form quicker than any other medium.

Simon Goodall
Sculptor, Synapse

Using Geomagic Control X, our testing is 2-3 times faster than in the past, and we can aim for much higher manufacturing efficiency.

Tetsuya Matsumoto
Quality Assurance Manager at leading automotive supplier Asano, Japan
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