We Bring Your Ideas To Life

JMR Systems is a full-service 3D Engineering software provider for the Northeast US. We will assess your needs and find the right software and scanners for your needs. Or, let us do it for you! Take advantage of our complete reverse engineering and prototyping services.

3D Modeling Software

Geomagic and SpaceClaim provide all the tools you need to easily create 3D models, as well as scan, reverse engineer, and inspect physical parts.

Reverse Engineering Services

We scan and create 3D models for parts of any size--from a tiny medical device to an airplane wing! JMR will deliver a digital file or a finished part. 3D printing is available in a variety of materials, as well as traditionally machined metal parts.

Prototyping Services

We bring your patent design to life! Bring us a sketch, blueprint, or 3D model and we'll make you a prototype. Finished parts can be 3D printed from your choice of materials or traditionally machined metal parts.

JMR Systems New England's Source for Digital Manufacturing

Over 55 Years Experience

With a background in material science, design, and manufacturing, we are uniquely qualified to help you take any part or idea and bring it to market.

Dedicated To Customer Training

Customer training is our passion. Whether you choose in-person or online--we make sure it works for you.

Exceptional Customer Support

Supporting our customers is our #1 priority. We strive to exceed your technical support expectations and resolve every issue.

Hundreds of Happy Customers

We take your satisfaction personally! JMR Systems has served the Northeast US for over 30 years and dedicated to customer satisfaction.

What Our Customer's Say

Michael McGinnis

I’ve saved an enormous amount of time by working with SpaceClaim…it allows me to design more complex and better work.

Simon Goodall

If you have an idea in your head, no matter what it’s used for, then Freeform is the ultimate. You can focus your ideas onto the screen in a realistic form quicker than any other medium.

Tetsuya Matsumoto

Using Geomagic Control X, our testing is 2-3 times faster than in the past, and we can aim for much higher manufacturing efficiency.

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