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JMR Systems offers a wide range of services to bring designs to market. We love a challenge, so give us a call and we will help you figure it out! Call us today: 603-505-7477

3D Scanning

JMR Systems has wide selection of 3D scanning equipment and software, which gives us the versatility and portability to scan a broad spectrum of parts and objects. After scanning, we take the point cloud and transform it into usable information, such as a CAD file ready to be machined, or inspected and compared to the original object and more.

Inspection, Dimensioning & Color Mapping

JMR Systems uses point cloud data to garner dimensions, curvatures, thickness, surfaces and create the CAD file of the scanned part. We can provide a 3D color mapping from the 3D scanned data, and provide inspection reports, tolerance tables, deviation plots, and in-depth GD&T.

Reverse Engineering or Scan-to-Model

We will scan any part, clean up the file, and create a high quality, parametric CAD model with water-tight meshes. The part can be brought directly into a CAM software system for manufacturing or into almost any CAD format.


Put our 55+ years of experience to work for you! We can help you with CAD/CAM/CAE, DNC, and statistical analysis. Our customers experience faster time to market, better strategic planning, and increased profitability. We can do the same for you!


We offer personalized training options to fit your needs. We can arrange both one-on-one or group training sessions. Training can be on-site, at our Derry, NH training facility, or even online.

Exceptional Support

Keeping our customers productive is our top priority! We personally use all the software we sell, so we've been in your shoes and stay on top of every issue until it's resolved.

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